Affordable Advisors LLC

Outstanding Experience

MARK WELCH has been active in the affordable housing business since 1976 and a private consultant since 2003. He established Affordable Advisors LLC in 2010. As a private real estate finance and development consultant to affordable housing developers, Mark Welch draws from years of experience in the field, including:

Partner in the Colorado-based consulting group, Community Capital Corporation.

Director of Rental Finance for the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), where he was responsible for multifamily project loan origination and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit allocation program.

Director of Housing Development for Mercy Housing Inc. He also served as Director of Research and Development and Senior Technical Assistance Specialist.

Project Manager for Colorado Rural Housing Development Corporation (aka “Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation”).

Vice President of Fifth City Housing Enterprises, a non-profit, neighborhood-based development organization in Chicago.  He also spent a total of six years on international assignments in community and village development projects for the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Malaysia and Brazil.


Professional and Civic Associations:

MARK WELCH has also served on a variety of professional and civic associations, including:

  • President of Colorado Housing NOW
  • Vice President of the Colorado Affordable Housing Partnership
  • President of Housing Justice
  • Member of CHFA’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit Advisory Committee
  • Member of Mercy Loan Fund Loan Review Committee
  • Member of the National Preservation Working Group
  • Founding Member of Chicago Rehab Network

Mark Welch holds a B.A. from the College of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver.