Affordable Advisors customizes services to serve client needs, drawing on our deep experience with Property Acquisitions and Rehabilitation, Portfolio Refinancing, Public Housing Disposition, and New Project Development

Property Acquisitions & Rehabilitation

Existing properties often present excellent opportunities for affordable housing developers. Affordable Advisors can assist you in acquiring these properties, including determining what price to offer, how to finance the purchase, and assessing how to deal with the physical needs of older properties. Affordable Advisors is experienced in utilizing tax-advantaged acquisition techniques such as IRS Bargain sales and 1031 exchanges that can improve your chances in acquiring these properties in this highly competitive market. prop-acq-rehab

Portfolio Refinancing

Some organizations have built-up a respectable portfolio of properties one-at-a-time over many years only to find they now need to find ways to take advantage of their increased size and not be overwhelmed by the inconsistencies of it. Affordable Advisors can help you reassess your properties at the portfolio level, including a thorough review of operating costs, financing structure, reserves, guarantees, and asset management, always looking for potential improvements, including refinancing, that can help improve your cash flow. port-refi

Public Housing Disposition

Public Housing has changed for many housing authorities, unfortunately no longer always offering the best alternative for their lowest income clients. Affordable Advisors has assisted several housing authorities in Colorado change how they utilize their public housing properties, including outright disposition and reinvestment of sales proceeds in alternative affordable housing. This is a constantly changing regulatory environment, requiring assistance that is experienced in working with housing authorities and up-to-date on the alternatives allowed by HUD. pub-hsng

New Project Development

Where do I start? Do you have a rough concept for an affordable housing project but not sure how to proceed in acquiring land, assembling a development team, or using the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) or HOME or FHLB or other special financing programs? Affordable Advisors can work with you from the very beginning stages of your project through final construction and lease-up. Several organizations have used Affordable Advisors as an economical substitute for hiring in-house development staff, or to augment the experience level and capacity of their existing staff to take on these highly complex projects. new-proj